Biomass-Fueled Cook Stove

1Tarlac State University
*Corresponding author, Enalyn T. Domingo; Email:
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The study was focused on the development of a cook stove which was made to
be: a) heat-insulated by installing bricks and clay around the body of the stove, b)
air-assisted by equipping the stove with an air tank with a manual foot pump, and
c) adaptive to various biomass fuels. The temperature inside the stove when half
a kilogram of each biomass fuel was burned inside the stove was recorded every
five minutes while the time to boil one cup of water was also noted. Previous
studies were consulted in the computation of the utilization cost of the stove. It
was found out that with the Biomass-Fueled Cook Stove, consumers will achieve
41-46% minimized cost on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuels annually with less
than two years return-on-investment. The stove may be an alternative cooking
stove for the consumers to allow fuel stacking. Recommendations on the
improvement of the stove design include additional number of air holes inside the
stove, widening the diameter of the smoke hole, and modification in the
orientation of the smoke vent with considerations for a more compact size.

Keywords: biomass, cook stove, renewable fuel