Organic Rice Farming Practices of Novo Vizcayanos

Nueva Vizcaya State University
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Rice is a staple food for over half of the world’s population including the
Philippines. Eating organic rice which is healthier, however, for rice to be
certified organic, it must be accredited by a certifying body. This study identified
the land profile of organic rice fields in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines and
differentiated the rice farming practices of organic rice fields that are not certified,
those undergoing certification, and those which are already accredited. Collection
of data was through personal interviews with a structured questionnaire; snowball
sampling was used in determining respondents. Results of the study show that all
farmers practice almost the same procedure in organic rice farming from preplanting
to post-harvest. However, practices of farmers whose farms are
undergoing certification and those that have been certified, were more complex
due to quality controls. In reducing production cost, family labor is observed.
There are few organic rice farmers in the province and few farms are accredited
by NVPGS. To produce more organic rice the government must support the
Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, Republic Act 10068.

Keywords: certifying body, farming practices, organic rice, organic rice farmers