A Survey of the State of Mayoyao Native Houses

JEREMY M. GAWONGNA Ifugao State University Email: jeremygawongna@yahoo.com.ph Full Text/ PDF Download ABSTRACT The native houses of Mayoyao, Ifugao, Philippines and the traditional knowledge in making native houses are part of the material and intangible cultural heritage of the municipality. Worldwide, cultural heritages are threatened by economic, cultural and architectural homogenization. This study was conducted […]

University Core Values of Faculty at Isabela State University Cauayan City Campus

GABRIEL L. LUNA Isabela State University Email: lunagab0918@yahoo.com Full Text/ PDF Download ABSTRACT Core values are anchored in the vision and mission statements of any institution to improve performance and productivity. The research aimed to assess the Isabela State University (ISU) core values of the faculty members at ISU-Cauayan Campus. It employed a descriptive survey […]

Teaching Styles of Language Instructors and Language Performance of CTE Students of the Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology

ALEXIS A. ENRIQUEZ and ELIZABETH C. FETALVERO Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology Corresponding author, Alexis A. Enriquez; enriquezemjam74@yahoo.com Full Text/ PDF Download ABSTRACT This study determined the teaching styles of the language instructors and language performance of students in the College of Teacher Education (CTE) of the Abra State Institute of Sciences and […]

Stressors and Academic Performance of Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) Students

MARILENE S. MATUSALEM and CHEM V. BADUA Isabela State University Corresponding author, Marilene S. Matusalem; msmatusalem@yahoo.com Full Text/ PDF Download ABSTRACT The study was conducted at Isabela State University-Roxas Campus, Rang-ayan, Roxas, Isabela during the first semester of school year 2013-2014 to determine the stressors affecting the academic performance of the Bachelor of Science in […]

Qualities of Instructors Preferred by Students: A Follow-up Study

NELSON G. LARUAN and SIMPLICIA L. AURORA West Visayas State University Corresponding author, Nelson G. Laruan; wvsulc.som@gmail.com Full Text/ PDF Download ABSTRACT This descriptive study was conducted to find out the qualities of Instructors preferred by the students at the West Visayas State University-Lambunao Campus, Lambunao, Iloilo (WVSU-LC) with consideration on the faculty members’ personality […]

Prospects of Payment for Watershed Services Scheme in Barobbob Watershed, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

ELIZABETH T. CARIG Quirino State University Email: beth_frends@yahoo.com Full Text/ PDF Download ABSTRACT The study assessed the willingness of 135 Barobbob Watershed occupants to accept compensation (WTAC) in exchange of their participation to undertake sustainable forest management activities. Results show that 82% of the respondents are willing to accept compensation and participate in a payment-reward […]

Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Screening of Selected Indigenous Food Plants from Isabela, Philippines

OLIVA C. RUMA Isabela State University Email: oliva_ruma@yahoo.com Read Full Text/ PDF Download ABSTRACT The study screened five selected indigenous food plants for antibacterial activity and secondary plant metabolites. Crude ethanolic extracts from Basella alba Linn Ilaibakir (Ilk.), Spinach vine (Eng.); Basella rubra Linn. (Ilaibakir (Ilk.), Red spinach vine (Eng.); Broussonetia luzonica (Blanco) Bur. (Alukon […]