Professional Competencies of College Teachers of Higher Education Institutions in Tarlac Province

Tarlac State University
*Corresponding author, Julieta M. Lagasca; Email:
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This is a correlational study which analyzed the level of professional
competencies of 146 college teachers from seven Higher Education Institutions
(HEIs) in Tarlac Province and related the findings to the teachers’ profile along
age, gender, field of specialization and number of years of teaching experience. A
validated questionnaire used to gather data from the teacher and supervisor
respondents. Results revealed that generally, college teachers have very high level
of professional competence in the areas of designing and planning instruction,
creating and maintaining a learning climate, implementing and managing
instruction, assessing learning and communicating results, collaborating with
stakeholders to meet and support learning programs and assessment, reviewing
and evaluating teacher’s performance, and teaching field of specialization and
demonstrating current professional knowledge. Based on teachers’ self-evaluation
and the supervisors’ evaluation, a significant relationship was noted between field
of specialization, and years of teaching experience to their levels of professional
competencies. Age and gender were not significantly related. It is recommended
that teachers earn graduate degrees aligned to their field of specialization and
attend seminars related to their field of expertise to further enhance their
professional competencies.

Keywords: higher education institutions, professional competencies, teachers